Lightbend Telemetry uses a Java Agent to add specially crafted instrumentation to the components of our platforms which facilitates efficient telemetry.

The Commercial credentials, Cinnamon Agent, Instrumentation and Backend Plugin are required for both build and deployment to enable telemetry. The sections below describe how to go about for the most common build tools.

Commercial credentials

To gain access to Lightbend Telemetry you must have a Lightbend subscription and Lightbend account.

Once you have logged in, the Lightbend platform credentials guide contains instructions for configuring your sbt, maven or gradle project to access Lightbend’s commercial dependencies, including Telemetry. If you have previously used a username and password to configure your commercial credentials, the guide will instruct you how to update to using the new scheme.


The URLs generated as part of your Lightbend platform credentials should not be committed to public source control repositories.

If you do not have a Lightbend subscription, please contact us to request an evaluation.

Build tools