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📦 Lightbend Telemetry 2.14.x

Migration Guide: Migration guide for Lightbend Telemetry 2.14

This release of Lightbend Telemetry adds support for:

Alpakka Kafka support

When MDC propagation and OpenTracing integration are enabled, OpenTracing contexts are automatically propagated for Alpakka Kafka producers and consumers. The Alpakka Kafka configuration section of the documentation also details how to enable recording of traces across these boundaries.

Ask pattern metrics

This release provides new metrics for the ask request-response pattern used in Akka and Lagom, including metrics for: number of Asked, failed and expired requests and response times for successful and late responses. The ask pattern documentation details how to configure your application to report these metrics.

Lagom read side metrics

This release provides new metrics for read-side operations in Lagom, including metrics for: processing time and latency, query latency, and number of event processing successes and failures. The Lagom projection documentation details how to configure your application to report these metrics.

Open source Akka split brain resolver

With Akka 2.6.6, split brain resolver has become part of the open source release. This Telemetry release includes support for emitting events from the open source split brain resolver, seen here in the documentation.

Lightbend Telemetry 2.14.2

Released: 08 July 2020

  • Create a set of multi-dimensional metrics once the new dimension value has been observed including Akka Persistence metrics by command or event type and Ask pattern metrics by message type.
  • Fix for Lagom Projection instrumentation NPE when it’s disabled.
  • Fix for Cinnamon preventing actor system shutdown.
  • Added config parameters to disable internal span generation that can conflict with some OpenTracing bridges (e.g., Elastic APM OpenTracing bridge).
  • Added support for Akka HTTP 10.2.0-RC1.

Lightbend Telemetry 2.14.1

Released: 23 June 2020

  • Fix for the Akka 2.6.5 EntityRef ask pattern instrumentation.
  • Added suppress-call-site-warning setting to allow muting the warning about potential call-site lookups in Akka stream configurations.

Lightbend Telemetry 2.14.0

Released: 09 June 2020

New features

Updated dependencies

  • Upgraded OpenTracing dependencies to version 0.32
  • Upgraded Datadog OpenTracing dependencies to version 0.43
  • Upgraded Jaeger dependencies to version 0.35.5


  • Fix the false warning: “Could not start Prometheus HTTP server”.
  • Fix the issue with the stash size metric reports a negative value for a classic persistent actor (that has two internal stashes) or any actor implementation that has more than one stash.
  • Fix for the JoinSeedNodeProcess instrumentation since Akka 2.6.2
  • Fix Akka HTTP instrumentation bug causing premature outgoing connection closure in some cases.
  • Fix for Akka Dispatchers Prometheus Grafana dashboard filters. Make the server and actorSystem filters work even when no actor is selected for actor metrics.
  • Fix for the possible NPE when StatsDReporter is stopped more than once.
  • Fix for the service response time metric for Akka Http 10.1.10 and greater.
  • Fix for the Shard Region instrumentation bug discovered for the Sharded Daemon Process implementation.
  • Fix: Don’t backfill sampled recorders when the previous value is zero.

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