Java version support

The Lightbend platform documentation provides information on the minimum supported Java versions. Lightbend guarantees Telemetry support only for Java versions 11 and 17.

Unsupported Java versions

By default, Telemetry will emit a warning and will not attempt to instrument bytecode when loaded under Java versions other than 11 or 17. The error will look like this:

[Cinnamon] !! Java version 1.8 is not officially supported by Telemetry. Telemetry expects one of the following versions: 11, 17

Forcing instrumentation

You can force Telemetry to attempt instrumentation by adding force=true to your Telemetry Java agent parameters, details of configuring the agent under different build systems can be found in the Setup section.


You can specify the cinnamonArguments sbt setting to provide force=true to your Telemetry agent:

cinnamonArguments := "force=true"


Under maven, you can modify the <argument> tag that loads the Telemetry agent:



Under gradle you can modify the jvmArgs attribute that loads the Telemetry agent:

jvmArgs "-javaagent:${configurations.agent.singleFile}=force=true"