Suppress deprecation libraries warning


Available since Cinnamon 2.16.0

Lightbend Telemetry supports a range of versions of Lightbend frameworks and libraries. As frameworks and library versions expire, they are deprecated in Telemetry for subsequent removal.

If your application uses a library version whose support has expired, you will see a log warning similar to:

[WARN] [03/08/2021 20:09:10.599] [main-1] [Cinnamon] Lightbend support for Akka 2.5.32 expired on Nov 6, 2020. Support for it in Lightbend Telemetry is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Or, in the case of libraries not supported anymore:

[WARN] [03/08/2021 20:11:31.249] [main-1] [Cinnamon]
Lightbend Support for Play 2.6.10 expired on Feb 1, 2020
and it IS NOT supported by Lightbend Telemetry anymore.

See our Project Support Chart for more information about supported versions:

The recommended way to get rid of such messages is to update the instrumented library to a supported version. See also the list of the latest versions of Lightbend libraries here.

Suppressing warning messages

Sometimes, you will not be able to do the update in a timely fashion, and in such cases, you can silence the messages until the library is updated to a supported version. To do so, you can add the suppress.deprecations=true parameter to the Lightbend Telemetry agent, described in the below sections.


You can specify the cinnamonArguments sbt setting to provide suppress.deprecations=true to your Telemetry agent:

cinnamonArguments := "suppress.deprecations=true"


Under maven, you can modify the <argument> tag that loads the Telemetry agent:



Under gradle you can modify the jvmArgs attribute that loads the Telemetry agent:

jvmArgs "-javaagent:${configurations.agent.singleFile}=suppress.deprecations=true"